This is the first in a series of posts from Idahope members on the Book Extravaganza and the Booktober Fest.

Imagine being able to reach more readers and make more money on a book by cutting your price? With normal books, this is not going to happen. But ebooks, may be another story.

One of the highlights of my visit to the Friday night session of the Book Extravaganza was Stonehouse Publisher Aaron Patterson explaining how his ebook’s popularity and profit rose as he cut its price.  Patterson, at one point cut the ebook’s price down to 99 cents. He’s since increased it to $2.99, a happy medium in the ebook world between profitability and high sales when you consider that Amazon pays a 70% royalty on each ebook sold at the $2.99 price.

This is great for both writers and readers. People can read books for far less than they’d pay for a paper version and writers are still able to make a good profit, and by having an inexpensive ebook version of a past release, the writer is able to compete with people selling used copies of their book which don’t net the writer any new royalties.

I saw another Ebook author speak and became curious about his writing. I went on to Amazon and found that he had something called a “digital short” for sale. This digital short, it turns out, was a short story turned into a 99 cent ebook.

The digital short gave me a chance for a low risk sampling of the author’s work. He also included an excerpt from his novel at the end of the short, so if I liked the short story, I’d then have reason to take the next step and buy his  novel as well.

This is great for readers as they can sample a writer’s work and get a taste of their style and storytelling method in a complete story for only 99 cents.

For writers, this can be a great way to introduce readers to your work.  For those who are a published, a short that bears some similarity to their novel in style can be used to whet readers appetites for more with a sample that catches their interest.

It’ll be interesting to see how widely these practices are adopted as the future of ebooks takes shape.